Results for PDB structure: 3SY7 (with probe radius: 0Å)
Please cite the paper ChExVis: a tool for molecular channel extraction and visualization if you are using results from this server.
Parameters used:
* Auto End Points for pore computation: 2
* Inside Points for TM-pore computation: 1
* Outside Points for TM-pore computation: 1
* Transmembrane Classification: OPM

Comment: The functionally significant channel we are interested in this structure was automatically found by extracting channels between top ranked boundary points inside and outside the membrane. Same pore can be found without using trans-membrane classification data, as the end points are also top 2 boundary points based on size of opening.

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RankPt 1Pt 2LengthBottle-neckStraightnessScore
Trans-membrane Pores
RankOut PtIn PtLengthBottle-neckStraightnessScore
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